And there's no one else.


i wanted to draw kouhai chan chan

-admin El


my sister wanted me to draw Byun senpai to her Kouhai Chan Chan and i said yes because it was her birthday two yesterdays ago so yea……….

i did this because i love you, sis

-admin POTS



"Hullo," a voice squeaked out and Baekhyun looked up to find a boy standing above him, a shy grin on his face.

"Hullo," he muttered back before returning his attention back to the hole he was digging.

"What are you doing?" the voice squeaks out again and when Baekhyun turns his head, he sees…

"If the earth and the constellation Virgo are 260 light years away, what then is the distance between two human hearts?" - [ spica ] 3/? exofic gfx

We could be up in the clouds ♥
We could be up in the clouds 


this is probably the most random and stupid edit I’ve ever done

You shower in the pouring moonlight


She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
And possibly I’ve fallen into her spell
But I never offer her the smile I give to you…
Because she can never be just like you
I guess I’m being too greedy
For wanting both of you to be with me